No-Till Farmers Vote Tillage Radish Product of The Year

The Tillage Radish, a cover crop used by farmers as a foundation for cover cropping programs aimed at reducing soil compaction and improving soil health, has won No-Till Product of the Year at the National No-Tillage Conference held in Indianapolis, IN. The product is produced by Cover Crop Solutions, a PA corporation located in Robesonia, PA.

As the category winner in Cover Crop Seeds, Tillage Radish then was voted Product of The Year, top vote getter of all 13 product categories. Runners up included products of companies including Dow, Bayer Crop Science, John Deere, BASF, Syngenta and other companies supplying North American agricultural markets.

The contest is based on direct feedback by farmers responding to an open invitation to vote for best product in 13 categories by No-Till Farmer, produced by Lessiter Publications.

"The readers of No-Till Farmer are some of the most discerning and knowledgeable farmers in the industry. They understand the value of each nominated product," says Darrell Bruggink, executive editor and publisher of No-Till Farmer.

Steve Groff has practiced no-till faming in Pennsylvania for over 30 years. He is a cover crop innovator and partner in Cover Crop Solutions, producer of Tillage Radish. "To be the top in the Cover Crop Seed category is wonderful; to be voted Product of the Year is even more gratifying. Our team works very hard to conduct research that farmers can put to good use," Groff says.

"Soil health is a rapidly growing theme in agriculture," says David Weaver, CEO of Cover Crop Solutions. "Tillage Radish helps bring focus to the issue because of its distinguishing features. Farmers can't always see soil health, but they can see the tubers and tap root that typically penetrates over three feet. Tillage Radish is a dramatic looking product. It starts the conversation that leads to the importance of soil health."

Tillage Radish is generally drilled, broadcast and precision planted, or is incorporated as part of seed mixes produced by Cover Crop Solutions. Growing multiple species in cover crop applications has been found in ongoing research to produce synergistic effects that mimic how nature functions in the soil, where myriad organisms work to create healthy soil conditions where less input is required to achieve yields that equal or in many cases surpass those of crops grown under traditional farming practices.

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