NutriDense® Grain and Perdue AgriBusiness Announce Contracting Opportunity

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, November 18, 2009 – BASF Plant Science is pleased to announce the addition of Perdue AgriBusiness to the list of companies now contracting for NutriDense Grain. Perdue, a leading merchandiser, processor and exporter of grain, is committed to working with local farmers to enhance their profitability through NutriDense Grain.

“Perdue has been evaluating NutriDense Grain for some time, and we are very pleased with the results we saw this harvest and in previous feeding trials,” said John Ade, Perdue AgriBusiness vice president of grain sales and merchandising. “By accepting NutriDense Grain at our facilities, we will be able to offer growers a premium contracting opportunity while providing optimal nutrition and enhancing animal feed performance.”

As a result of this program, corn growers delivering to the Perdue feed mills in Washington, Ind. and Livermore, Ky. will have a strong local market for NutriDense Grain. NutriDense hybrids are available in these areas through NutriDense licensed seed companies. For a list of these companies, visit

“This program will provide the opportunity for many corn growers in these areas to experience the benefits of NutriDense Grain,” said Scott Friedlund, NutriDense Grain product manager. “We appreciate the opportunity to add value to the local agricultural community through NutriDense Grain, and we look forward to a long, mutually beneficial relationship with Perdue.”

NutriDense is a nutritionally enhanced corn that contains a stacked set of output traits designed to enhance animal feed performance.

For swine and poultry producers, corn hybrids containing NutriDense Grain traits elevate ration energy content without adding fat, increase essential amino acid content and improve phosphorus availability. At the same time, NutriDense Grain reduces the amount of soybean meal in the ration, which increases digestibility. NutriDense Grain provides better animal nutrition that leads to greater profitability for producers.