Ohio family farmer shares high-yield protection tips in latest BASF Crop Protection Top Plots video

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, November 10, 2010 – BASF Crop Protection will launch its ninth installment in the 2010 Top Plots series, revisiting high-yield and award-winning grower David Roehm from Leesburg, Ohio.

Prior to harvest season, Roehm was able to protect his fields against weed pressure and glyphosate-resistant marestail by applying Kixor® herbicide as a preplant treatment on corn and soybeans. In addition, Roehm applied Headline® fungicide for disease control and Plant Health protection in the hot, humid region of Southern Ohio.

 “The diseases in Southern Ohio are as variable as the weather is,” said Roehm. “Headline is a product we’ve seen results from.”

In the latest Top Plots video, available at www.youtube.com/user/BASFAgproducts, Roehm shares an update on his season. The third-generation farmer and winner of the 2009 Secure Optimal Yield soybean challenge believes in providing his crops with as much protection as he can to maximize yield.

According to the USDA’s Crop Production report released on Tuesday, Nov. 9, soybean production is forecast at a record high 3.38 billion bushels, down 1 percent from the October forecast but up slightly from 2010. In addition, corn yields are expected to average 154.3 bushels per acre, which is 10.4 bushels below last year’s record of 164.7 bushels.

Stay tuned for upcoming Top Plots videos featuring high-yield corn and soybean growers from North Dakota and Ohio. These growers will share their crop management stories to provide tips to help fellow growers get the most out of every acre.

Viewers of the Top Plots videos can learn more about the featured growers’ planting techniques and tilling and seed decisions, the benefit of seed treatments, herbicide and fungicide recommendations, mid-season challenges, disease management, harvesting techniques and yield results.

For more information about the Top Plots series, visit http://pitch.pe/71428. To be considered as a Top Plots grower in future videos, e-mail [email protected].