Ohio’s corn and wheat organizations welcome Governor–Elect Kasich’s appointment of Jim Zehringer as director of Ohio Department of Agriculture

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The following statement is issued jointly by the Ohio Corn Growers Association and the Ohio Wheat Growers Association regarding the appointment by Governor-Elect John Kasich of State Representative Jim Zehringer as director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture:

“Ohio’s corn and wheat farmers and our respective organizations look forward to working with Representative Zehringer in his new role as director of agriculture. We are pleased to have a leader with firsthand experience as a family farmer, policy maker and entrepreneur. Zehringer understands the economic importance of Ohio farms and the advancements of markets such as corn ethanol, bioproducts, exports and improving nutrition with whole- wheat grains. Governor-Elect John Kasich has made an exceptional choice that will benefit all Ohioans.

“Representative Zehringer understands that one in six Ohioans has an agriculture-related job. Ohio’s corn industry alone contributes 150,000 jobs to the state’s workforce. This appointment reflects the commitment of the new administration to strong farm policies and to the role of agriculture in maintaining and increasing the viability of the state’s economy.

“Our organizations look forward to a strong relationship with Representative Zehringer in continued efforts to advance Ohio grains. His commitment to agriculture throughout the years will serve him well at the Department of Agriculture and we are fortunate that Representative Zehringer was chosen to carry on the tradition of strong agricultural advocates in the position of director of agriculture.

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