Partners Brand Powers Up Corn Seed with PROTINUS


Winnipeg – Jan. 31, 2011 – Midwestern corn growers will have a first look at PROTINUS seed-applied fertilizer on every acre planted with Partners Brand Seed in the 2011 growing season. After three years of conducting field tests of PROTINUS, Partners Brand decided its seed corn will include PROTINUS pre-applied to help enhance early plant growth and vigor.
PROTINUS is an innovative seed-applied fertilizer designed to enhance early seedling development. Improved early development results in plants that are more vigorous and can reach their full yield potential. Studies conducted by Wolf Trax and third parties have shown that PROTINUS treatment delivers faster, more even emergence; larger seedlings with longer, more developed roots and the ability to withstand early stressful growing temperatures.
“We are excited to provide PROTINUS commercially to corn growers for the first time with a company built on decades of experience with growing high-quality corn seed,” says Jennifer Bailes, director of seed products and innovations at Wolf Trax, manufacturer of PROTINUS. “Partners Brand Seed Company is committed to providing corn growers with the best seed products and technologies available. Adding PROTINUS helps optimize the growth and yield potential of their high-quality seed.”
Partners Brand Seed is a family farm operation selecting, growing and harvesting seed corn for more than 30 years. The company is always looking toward new techniques, new technology and new products. This year alone, Partners Brand evaluated 416 hybrids in its replicated test plot and over 600 inbred lines, along with testing various treatments. The company’s goal is to find the best seed corn options for each farm.
“With all the challenges facing farmers today, we think it is important to continue to look for new options to provide better nutrient access, thus allowing their Partners Brand corn to get out of the ground quickly and healthy so they can maximize their yield,” says Charlie Stutesman, sales manager for Partners Brand. “PROTINUS helps deliver nutrients early in the season to achieve a solid stand. Partners Brand Seed and PROTINUS is a great combination.”
Bailes believes that growers will be quick to see why adding PROTINUS to their seed package gives their seed investment an advantage. “Faster, more even emergence and larger, more vigorous seedlings help the crop compete with weeds. A larger root system can help the crop access more nutrients and moisture and withstand tough growing conditions. All in all, PROTINUS gets the crop off to a great start,” Bailes adds.
For more information, growers should call Wolf Trax at 204-237-9653 or Partners Brand at 877-790-0016.
For more information, call:
Jennifer Bailes
Director of Seed Products
Wolf Trax
ph: (204) 237-9653