NEW BRIGHTON, MINN. — March 21, 2014 — Pentair Ltd. (NYSE: PNR) announced today the launch of the Hypro Universal Flange Clamp. The unique clamshell design of the Universal Flange

Clamp delivers superior sealing capability with decreased assembly time and increased safety.

Traditional banded clamps are time-intensive to install, and expose workers to sharp metal edges that lead to injuries. What’s more, banding provides uneven clamping pressure, potentially weakening the flanges over time and use. To address these shortcomings, Pentair has constructed the Hypro Universal Flange Clamp with a unique “clam shell” design and integrated bolt and nut. This design eliminates banding and provides consistent, even clamping pressure.


According to Gene Schellhorn, Pentair Product Manager, “In addition to even clamping pressure, the clamshell design is quick and easy to install, won’t fail over time due to corrosion, and won’t damage your flanges. This adds up to decreased installation and replacement costs.” Another benefit is the reduction of injuries. “Stainless steel flange clamps with worm gears and tracks have an abundance of sharp, cutting edges,” says Schellhorn. “The Hypro Universal Flange Clamp is constructed of GTX polymer, which eliminates those edges while reducing unnecessary weight by up to 50%.”

Hypro Universal Flange Clamps are compatible with Hypro Universal Flange gaskets and Banjo gaskets, and are available in 1”, 1.5”, sizes. All are rated at 70°F and 150 psi 1”, 1.5. More information on the Hypro Universal Flange Clamps, including where to buy, can be found at

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