Pioneer Hi-Bred Expands MarketPointSM Resource Into Iowa and Nebraska

The MarketPointSM resource, an online service from Pioneer Hi-Bred, a DuPont business, that conveniently links grain sellers with buyers, is expanding into Iowa and all of Nebraska after completing a successful trial program in central Nebraska.

The MarketPoint service allows corn growers to post grain offerings online to multiple buyers, providing producers with enhanced profit opportunities, greater product differentiation and more convenience. It offers end users the opportunity to source better quality grain. Read about MarketPoint service.

“MarketPoint resource benefits both growers and buyers,” says Joe Foresman, Pioneer senior marketing manager. “Providing a connectivity point for growers and buyers, MarketPoint resource is a unique tool that exists nowhere else in the industry. With the expansion into Iowa and farther into Nebraska, even more growers and buyers now can use this proven resource tool.”

Growers can post their high-quality grain for sale to local buyers. At this point, the computer monitors the bid/ask until the contract settles or expires. Buyers are able to source higher-value grain because they can monitor large volumes in their origination area; even if they’re looking for grain with unique characteristics, such as Pioneer® brand hybrids designated as High Total Fermentables (HTF) or High Available Energy (HAE). These products help maximize efficiency for end users, whether it is in their ethanol plants or livestock operations.

“It is the only tool that offers buyers easy access to hundreds of bona fide growers who have some of the best grain in the area,” Foresman says.

The advantage for growers is they can post bushels to multiple buyers and receive incoming active private bids for their corn. Growers will be able to do this while telling buyers as much as they can about the high quality of the grain.

Growers can distinguish their product offering by citing the grain’s characteristics. They can differentiate themselves by earning the Pioneer “Grain Quality Certification,” the result of a special training program showing that these growers apply the best practices in grain management to preserve quality. Additional Grain Quality Certification workshops are scheduled throughout the expansion area in August. Contact your local Pioneer sales professional to learn about becoming certified.

Convenience is another factor enticing to growers and buyers.

“In the past, growers may have had to call buyers to check on their prices, and by the time they make a few calls, the first price already may have changed,” Foresman says. “With the MarketPoint resource, you can check prices day or night. It provides growers with real-time prices during active trading hours around the clock. The feedback from the initial launch has shown the resource tool is an easy-to-use service.”

The MarketPoint resource provides participating growers access to reports that summarize their grain sales for the year. Growers in the program also will receive cell phone text-message alerts on commodity prices, incoming bids and offer acceptance.

For more information on the MarketPoint resource, go to the Pioneer Web site at, contact Pioneer at 1-888-393-6471 or talk with your local sales professional.

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