Pioneer Introduces 21 New HTF Ethanol Hybrids for 2008 Planting

DES MOINES, Iowa, Sept. 7, 2007 - Growers looking for more bushels per acre and more ethanol per bushel can select from 21 new Pioneer® brand High Total Fermentable (HTF) ethanol hybrids for 2008 planting.

Hybrids from Pioneer Hi-Bred, a DuPont business, with above-average ethanol yield potential are designated as HTF ethanol hybrids. These hybrids deliver higher levels of fermentable starch, resulting in higher ethanol output. Currently, Pioneer has more than 180 HTF-designated hybrids available across a wide range of maturities.

"Research shows there can be up to 7 percent variation in ethanol yield potential among different hybrids," says Russ Sanders, Pioneer end-use marketing director. "Pioneer research has shown that the HTF trait is a more accurate indicator of dry-grind ethanol production than total starch or extractable starch."

The HTF designation is assigned to elite Pioneer hybrids based on data from more than 21,600 Pioneer plot samples over the past five years. More than 30 locations and 165 hybrids were sampled.

In addition, many Pioneer HTF ethanol hybrids contain the Herculex® I or Herculex XTRA insect protection traits which reduce insect damage to grain and prevent molds and mycotoxins. This helps maximize grain yields and ensures a more consistent supply of high-quality grain.

Dry-grind ethanol production

The Pioneer HTF hybrid screening program has shown that some hybrids are clearly superior in the amount of ethanol produced per bushel of grain. Pioneer is leading the industry in developing analytical tools for determining ethanol yield of grain, identifying hybrids with the highest ethanol potential and developing new hybrids with desirable grain traits for dry-grind ethanol production.

In the dry-grind ethanol industry, the cost of corn makes up more than 60 percent of the total production cost. It is essential, therefore, to get the most for every dollar spent purchasing corn.

"As the dry-grind industry grows, Pioneer will continue to provide growers and processors with the hybrids and information needed to maximize ethanol yields," says Sanders.

For more information about Pioneer HTF hybrids suitable for your area, contact your local Pioneer sales representative.

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