Plantability Tool, Guidelines on Assist Corn Growers with Planting

DES MOINES, Iowa- To help growers better prepare for spring planting and maximize their productivity, Pioneer Hi-Bred, a DuPont business, offers corn growers an online plantability tool and planting guidelines at This tool and plantability information provide precise recommendations for individual seed batch numbers for a wide range of planters.
          Customized settings help growers maximize productivity and improve planting accuracy. Growers can enter the batch identification number from the bag tag and select their planter from a variety of models to generate a grid with the suggested plate or disc size, pressure or vacuum setting speed, and the singular setting plus predicted seed drop for each batch of Pioneer®brand hybrids they plant.
          "Growers want uniformity in seed sizing, bag weights and consistent kernel size across hybrids with excellent plantability," says Bill Belzer, Pioneer senior marketing manager, corn. "Pioneer leads the industry in planting efficiency and accuracy with its seed sizing system - Pioneer Precision Design 2 (PD2) for all corn hybrids. Customers can use the online plantability tool and guidelines, or they can contact their local Pioneer sales professional for planter- and batch-specific assistance."
          The online tool is designed to help take the guesswork out of planter adjustments. Pioneer experts test and compile plantability data from all Pioneer hybrids on major types of corn planters into an easy-to-use, complimentary online tool for customers. It also includes information on the newest Pioneer products.
          "In addition to other Pioneer hybrid offerings, the tool now includes recommendations for Optimum®AcreMaxTM1 (AM1) insect protection - the seed industry's first integrated refuge product that delivers corn rootworm refuge right in the bag," Belzer says. "Multiple years of testing indicates AM1 products deliver plantability performance that is as consistent as non-integrated products, at both mid- and high-rate seed treatment levels."
          Pioneer also provides seed corn plantability guidelines, which list most major planters with detailed information to optimize planting performance, such as seed lubricant recommendations. The guidelines also feature planter maintenance and calibration information. Planter maintenance, adjustments and seed metering unit calibration are critical to seed singulation, spacing accuracy and planting the targeted population to maximize yield potential. Good singulation eliminates double or triple seed drops and, in turn, helps growers achieve maximum productivity.
          To learn more about plantability guidelines or for questions regarding the online tool, visit or contact a local Pioneer sales professional.