Power Plus™

PowerPlus maximizes the effectiveness of nitrogen. It’s combination of micronutrients and other co-factors encourage more cell division and keep cells alive longer in high-population corn. If the plants grow too rapidly sugar is drawn from the roots and lower parts of the plant up to the top to support the rapid growth. This weakens the cells in the roots, bottom leaves and stalks, causing more lodging and reduced cellular development in the reproductive parts of the plant.

Guaranteed Analysis

• Boron (B): 4.000%

• Molybdenum (Mo): 0.002%

• Zinc (Zn): 4.500%


• More efficient and effective use of nitrogen.

• Keeps roots growing during periods when nitrates reduce root growth.

• Increased root mass and stalk diameter.

• Increased ear size and more consistent sizing

• Increased number of kernels per ear

• Promotes active cell division over a longer period of time.


• Corn showed 14.7 bu/acre increase per 2008 Auburn University Research Data

• Soybeans showed 13 bu/acre increase per 2008 NCSU research.

• Soybeans showed 4.7 bu/acre increase per Iowa State University research.

Recommended Use

Corn: Side dress ½ to 1 gallon of PowerPlus per acre with nitrogen solution before the plant has 5 true leaves for maximum effectiveness. Increase the rate to 1.0 gallon of PowerPlus per acre for corn planted at a higher population rates.

What It Means For Producers

PowerPlus enhances crop quality and yield and nitrogen effectiveness increasing the grower’s return on investment. The implication of reduced inputs due to the increased effectiveness of nitrogen is being studied and holds the promise of even more financial return for growers in the form of reduced inputs.