Corn+Soybean Digest [1]

Eye on Crops, Sept. 16, 2011


Iroquois County, IL

A few acres of corn [4] and soybean [5] in the area have been harvested, but most of the crops are still weeks away. This week we received a range of 0.2-0.35 in. of rain divided between Sept. 10and 14.

Local corn [6] development is anywhere from the dent stage with the milkline 25% of the way down the kernel up to the few acres that have been harvested.  I still have not found any of our corn that has reached black layer (physiological maturity). The start of harvest for us many not be much earlier than in 2009.  

Most soybean [7] fields range from R6 (full seed growth) up to R8, full maturity.  I have only seen a few acres in one soybean field that have been harvested at this point.

The local closing bids for Sept. 15 were $6.85 for nearby corn, $5.86 for fall 2012 corn, $13.31 for nearby soybeans and $13 for fall 2012 soybeans.