5 Tips for Early-Season Post-Emergence Weed Control

5 Tips for Early-Season Post-Emergence Weed Control


After starting the season with clean fields at planting, now is the time to focus on early-season weed control [2] to maintain maximum yield potential. For corn [3], weeds can reduce yield as soon as the V2 stage or when corn is roughly 6-8 in. tall. Focus on weed control prior to the V2 stage and maintain control through at least the V14 stage. In soybeans [4], control weeds during the first four weeks and maintain control through canopy closure.

Sequential weed control programs, including preplant and preemergence (PRE) followed by postemergence herbicides [5], have consistently provided the best weed control and greatest net returns.


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If you did not apply preplant or PRE herbicides, Dave Johnson, DuPont Pioneer senior research scientist recommends the following management tips:

  • Apply postemergence herbicides as soon as possible.
  • Extend control of weeds that are still germinating with the use of residual herbicides.
  • Use the recommended rate for the weed size; do not cut the use rate.
  • Use high-quality adjuvants as directed on the product labels.
  • Apply follow-up treatments as needed to control escapes and late-germinating weeds.

For more information, contact your local DuPont Pioneer agronomist or Pioneer sales professional or visit pioneer.com [7]


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