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Soybean Checkoff Research Database

Soybean growers are investing in a wide array of research projects that focus on soybean production and developing new soybean uses. Now you can see those projects online. Just long on to Soybean Checkoff Research [3]. You’ll find a database of information on 579 checkoff-funded projects that totals nearly $37 million of soybean grower support. The database is searchable by research area (keywords), researcher and funding organization.

The database provides an overview of the soybean checkoff research program and a method to search for soybean research projects of interest. It’s organized using six links. The Search by Key Word [4], Search by Researcher [5], Search by Checkoff [6] links provide alternative approaches to find research projects. The Historical Research Information [7] link provides background information on the soybean checkoff research program. The Executive Summary Report [8] link provides an overview for the checkoff research program, and Soybean Research Links [9] provides quick access to the Qualified State Soybean Boards. The Web site is funded by the soybean checkoff [10]