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Power buys

Narrow Transport Planter

John Deere introduces the 1770NT 16-row Max Emerge Plus planter, designed with a transport width of 12', which is 3' less than older model 16-row planters. Ground clearance has also increased to 22'. It offers a telescoping hitch that couples closer to the tractor and allows more maneuverability while planting.

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Irrigation Scheduling

M.K. Hansen Company, East Wenatchee, WA, offers the AM400 soil moisture data logger with a built-in graphic display. Growers can now view soil moisture graphs in the field at the push of a button. The AM400 automatically records soil moisture readings every eight hours from six Watermark soil moisture sensors.

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Water-Saving Technology

Center-pivot irrigation will now deliver new water-saving methods with Precision Mobile Drip Irrigation (PMDI) technology, available from T-L Irrigation, Hastings, NE.

Available on any model of center-pivot or linear-move systems, the technology features drip hose with emitters every 12". The hoses are spaced every 30, 40 or 60", depending upon the soil type.

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Soil Stabilizer For Irrigation

Lindsay Manufacturing, Omaha, NE, announces a new product line to reduce the effects of erosion, rutting and other field conditions which may be caused by mechanical-move irrigation systems. The soil-stabilizing polymer, tradenamed SoilMAX, is available through Lindsay's worldwide network of Zimmatic irrigation dealers.

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