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New from Yetter is the 2967-039 frame-mounted floating residue manager. With an adjustable mounting bracket, it can be mounted to a variety of toolbars.

Wheels hug the soil surface and effectively move the correct amount of residue. The 2967-039 can be locked down in extreme conditions and has depth-control adjustment options to increase control.

The unit features double-row bearings and heavy-duty cast hubs to ensure durability. Popular Yetter options include standard wheels, heavy-duty wheels or SharkTooth wheels and floater wheels.

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CrustBuster announces a new 240-bu. bulk seed tender. The new tender has a 6-in. tube with an 8-in. crescent top PVC belt and three-piece telescoping discharge spout. Complete with a 180° conveyor pivot range with motor controls, it offers 100% cleanout — no cross contamination. Available options include gas or 12V drive, liquid inoculation system, tri-axle frame and weigh scaler.

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The new Seed.Pro 400-bu. bulk seed delivery system helps streamline planting with weather-tight design allowing bulk seed to be procured and stored outside ahead of planting.

It has two 200-bu. durable, plastic bins enclosed in a steel frame. The design allows for delivery of up to two filled Seed.Pro units with a standard semi or drop-deck trailer; no special unloading equipment is required. Seed.Pro can also be converted to a tender with an optional conveyor attachment.

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New from Landoll is the 2210 Disc Chisel Disc, with capability to size and incorporate heavy residue while removing compaction, leaving a level surface. Adjustable gang angles front and rear, combined with hydraulic gang heights, allow fine-tuning for desired performance.

The 2210 is available in 9-, 11-, 13- and 15-shank models, with the 13 and 15 featuring folding rear gangs for reduced transport width. All units feature single-point depth control, heavy-duty trunnion-style bearings on front and rear gangs, walking tandems and grease-free bushings in the rockshaft area. All units have a three-year warranty.

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