Corn+Soybean Digest [1]

Weed Control And Management Resources

For more information on herbicides, as well as weed control practices and concerns, peruse the sites below.

California Weed Identification [2]
University of Illinois — Weed Identification [3]
Illinois Agricultural Pest Management Handbook [4]
Southern Illinois University [5]
Iowa State Weed Science [6]
University of Maryland Weed Science [7]
University of Minnesota Weed Science [8]
University of Missouri Weed Science [9]
Missouri Weed Science For Field Scouting
Montana State Center For Invasive Plant Mgt. [10]
University of Nebraska 2003 Weed Guide [11]
New Mexico State University Weed Science [12]
2002 North Carolina Ag Chemicals Manual [13]
North Dakota Weed Information [14]
Ohio State University Weed Control Guide [15]
Oklahoma State University Herbicides And Use [16]
Purdue National Ag Pest Information System [17]
Rutgers University — Weed Images [18]
Texas A&M — Broadleaf Weeds [19]
Virginia Tech Weed Identification Guide [20]
Organizations And Other Sources
CDMS — Herbicide Labels & MSDSes [21]
Herbicide Resistance Action Committee [22]
Idaho Pest Management Links [23]
International Survey Of Herbicide-Resistant Weeds [24]
Kansas Ag Department Pest Identification Photos [25]
North American Weed Management Association [26]
North Central Weed Science Society [27]
Northeastern Weed Science Society [28]
Southern Weed Science Society [29]
Weed Science Society of America [30]