Rancona Seed Enhancements Available for Soybeans


LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. - Chemtura AgroSolutions™, a leading global provider of crop protection solutions and seed enhancements, introduced Rancona® seed enhancements formulated for soybeans. With the active ingredient ipconazole, Rancona seed enhancements provide supreme systemic and contact control of a broad spectrum of diseases.

Available in a concentrated, commercial formulation—Rancona 3.8FS—and a ready-to-use, easy-to-apply formulation—Rancona Summit—it provides growers the opportunity to maximize stand emergence and uniformity leading to greater soybean yield potential.

“Rancona seed enhancements truly offer growers a step change in disease protection,” says Kevin Hamilton, seed enhancement commercial manager, Chemtura AgroSolutions. “For example, seed treated with Rancona will be better protected against seed-borne Sclerotinia and Phomopsis than seed treated with other products.”

The systemic properties have also been proven to control soil-borne diseases, including Rhizoctonia, better than competitive seed treatments, leading to higher yields. Rancona-treated seed averages higher yields trial after trial.

Ready-to-use Rancona Summit has a unique micro-dispersion formulation that provides excellent seed coverage and adhesion, reducing dust and improving plantability.

“Rancona seed enhancements give soybean growers the peace of mind that they’ve protected their seed investment from yield-robbing diseases the best way they can,” added Hamilton.

For a complete listing of diseases controlled and application information, please contact your local Chemtura AgroSolutions representative or visit www.ChemturaAgroSolutions.com/us.

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