Raven Industries Releases New Viper PRO Field Computer

Raven Industries (NASDAQ: RAVN) today announced a new touch-screen based

field computer - the Viper PRO. This system builds off of the highly

successful Raven Viper by adding a faster processor, more memory, and added

features. New options added to the Viper PRO include: real-time weather

information collected by sensors mounted on the machine, wireless

connectivity to allow for Internet access including file transfer, text

messaging, and vehicle location maps. The Viper PRO can also be used with an

N-Tech GreenSeeker(r) variable rate control system. Another new feature is

the Raven LastPass 3-D guidance. The LastPass 3-D guidance program was

initially introduced to the ag market in the Raven Envizio and Envizio Plus

systems. Adding this feature allows the Viper PRO to be used with the Raven

SmarTrax and QuickTrax assisted steering systems.

Raven Viper PRO features:

10.4" color LCD touch-screen

800 MHz Intel processor

Windows XP OS

256 MB Ram / 2 GB internal storage

Five product flow control - liquid, granular, NH3, planter, injection

Multi-product variable rate option - control up to five products using

prescription maps

Raven LastPass 3-D guidance, the ultimate contour guidance pattern

Compatible with SmarTrax, SmarTrax DM, or QuickTrax assisted steering

AccuBoom - automatic boom section control

Autoboom Glide series - automatic boom height control

View coverage maps

3 USB ports for data transfer or optional applications, USB thumb drive


Ethernet connection for future wireless communication

The Raven Viper PRO carries a list price of $4945.00 and will be available

August 15th, 2007.

Celebrating 50 years of business innovation, Raven Industries was founded in

Sioux Falls, SD in 1956, as a manufacturer of high-altitude research

balloons for NASA and the American space program. From a single product

line, they have evolved into a successful, diversified manufacturer publicly

traded on NASDAQ (RAVN). Raven Industries' Flow Controls Division has

provided precision solutions to the agriculture market for more than 25

years. From flow controls to high accuracy GPS and steering systems, Raven

leads the way in integrating technology for today's agricultural market.

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For more information contact:

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Raven Industries - Flow Controls Division

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