Reinke Announces ReinSense 

(DESHLER, Neb. – March 27, 2014) – Growers looking to increase their water management capabilities and know more about how and when to water their crops will soon have a more efficient and cost-saving solution to consider. ReinkeManufacturing Company, Inc., a leading manufacturer of mechanized irrigation systems, will soon introduce ReinSense, a new soil moisture monitoring product in partnership with IRROMETER Company, Inc. and iDUS Controls, LTD.

ReinSense is an in-field sensing device designed to monitor and collect underground soil moisture data through a smart radio network. Solar-powered nodes work to collect the site-specific data that is then is transferred and housed on a server, supplying the grower with real-time access to their soil moisture data through registered online or text alerts. 

Reinke estimates a grower savings of up to 90-percent on subscription fees with the use of ReinSense. Typical to soil moisture monitoring products are cellular modems at each site, with separate subscription fees per site. The use of a smart radio network with ReinSense versus a cellular modem will allow growers to monitor up to 12 different soil moisture sites for only one subscription fee. 

“We took a look at the current soil moisture sensing products available for growers and recognized that we could add great value for them in developing ReinSense,” said Reinke Telemetry Manager Cody Bailey. “Our strong industry partnerships and internal capabilities helped make ReinSense a reality. We look forward to making this product line available for growers soon.” 

Reinke is partnering with IRROMETER Company based in Riverside, Calif., and intellectual property development company iDUS Controls in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, for ReinSense. IRROMETER Company manufactures the industry’s leading soil moisture probe, WATERMARK, used with ReinSense. The product also incorporates iDUS Controls’ farm sensor management system, the SensMit Radio Node. 

“iDUS Controls has invested significantly in research and development, pushing back past physical and technology boundaries in ‘mesh to web communications’ and smart irrigation. Our network nodes are rugged, very small and solely solar powered, therefore virtually maintenance free,” said iDUS Controls President Ron Hartman. “Being aligned with such well-respected industry leaders greatly extends the reach of our technologies and meets our objectives in providing the market meaningful solutions that have a ‘right now’ value proposition.” 

“We are excited to collaborate with Reinke to bring our sensing technology to growers. Both our companies have strong reputations and long histories of providing value to irrigators,” said IRROMETER Company President Tom Penning. “This equipment aids the grower’s ability to improve irrigation water management as the need for precision agriculture increases.”

ReinSense is easily installed, and growers will able to readily register and activate their account online. ReinSense will be available for purchase in the upcoming months through Reinke dealers. For more information, visit



Headquartered in Deshler, Neb., Reinke Manufacturing Company, Inc. is one of the world’s most recognized manufacturers of center pivot and lateral move irrigation systems. Since 1954, Reinke has developed products designed to increase agriculture production while providing labor savings and environmental efficiencies. Reinke is a continued leader in industry advancements as the first to incorporate GPS, satellite-based communications and touchscreen panel capabilities into mechanized irrigation system management. For more information on Reinke or to locate a dealership, visit or call 402-365-7251.


Since 1951, the IRROMETER Company’s soil moisture measuring instruments have been used worldwide for scheduling irrigation. Principal brand names are IRROMETER (tensiometer) and WATERMARK (electrical resistance granular matrix sensor). These instruments originated in the early part of the 20th Century, and were used by soil and plant scientists to measure soil water status in their experiments. Although the technology is scientific instrumentation, it is inexpensive and easy to use. Soil moisture based irrigation scheduling has been proven an efficient way to deliver irrigation water for agriculture, nursery and landscape irrigation. 


Established in 2008, iDUS Controls Ltd. is a leading-edge intellectual property-based technology company, specializing in the development of algorithmic controls and mesh-to-web communications platforms and services. We support global partners by providing turn-key technology solutions that increase efficiency for agriculture, businesses and homes. Our current technology deployments relate to precision farming, focused on sensor data aggregation tools that lead to efficient agriculture; giving farmers real-time access to critical data relating to irrigation and other growing factors.