Research Reveals Stoller Technology Improves Pollination Under High Heat Conditions


HOUSTON – As farmers evaluate yields and factors impacting yields, increasing temperatures rank among the top concerns.  Experts track carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere increasing from 332ppm to 360ppm in the last 50 years. At a plant level this increases photosynthesis but also increases the likelihood of extreme high heat temperatures.

Farmers know for optimum pollination to occur plants require a specific and ideal temperature range. With the increasing temperature trend, many growers are experiencing true yield drag due to high heat conditions at the critical pollination stage.

In answer to this common grower concern, researchers at Stoller Enterprises are conducting studies on how to improve pollination in high heat conditions. Knowing when the temperature exceeds the optimum level for fertilization of pollen tubes, the results are abortion of both flowers and young fruit. The lack of sugar movement in the plant’s cells into the male organ of the plant is the root cause for lower pollination and yields in all crops.

A recent study monitored the movement of sugars in the plant and synthesis level of a key enzyme, invertase. As temperatures were increased beyond the optimal level researchers noted that the level of invertase was greatly reduced.

When a proprietary formulation of cytokinin, X-Cyte™, was applied to the plants researchers witnessed a measurable increase in the levels of the invertase enzyme and the level of successful pollination.

“It appears that the high heat inhibits plants from synthesizing enough cytokinin for proper pollination,” summarizes Dr. Ron Salzman, Director of Biosciences at Stoller Enterprises. “With a simple foliar application we can overcome this natural plant reaction, improve the levels of invertase and improve crop yields.”

While further studies are underway, Stoller customers are excited to understand the additional benefit of this already popular product. The study indicates a foliar application of Stoller’s X-Cyte increases the flower activity and fertility on most crops. To date, X-Cyte has been successfully used to promote cell division in plants where the root system needs to be re-established due to severe stress, for normal growth of new roots, leaves, seed, storage tissue or fruit.

“The increase of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere could be a potential benefit for growers by using X-Cyte technology in higher temperature conditions and  by opening up new acres in the northern hemisphere for crop production,” speculates Jerry Stoller, CEO and founder of Stoller Enterprises. “It has the same potential impact as the “green” revolution.”

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