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INDIANAPOLIS — Mycogen Seeds is offering 31 new soybean lines with the Roundup Ready 2 Yield® trait for the 2012 growing season, providing growers with the most advanced technology while delivering dependable, yield-advancing agronomic qualities.

“The yield potential, genetic diversity and agronomic characteristics of MYCOGEN brand soybeans have never been better,” says John Kalthoff, oil seeds marketing specialist, Mycogen Seeds. “Dow AgroSciences is committed to seeking new technology and developing innovative solutions so growers can count on MYCOGEN brand soybeans for top performance.”

Featured new soybean lines

  • 5B080R2 is a Late Group 0 line, combining very good tolerance to white mold, iron deficiency chlorosis, brown stem rot and Phytophthora with a wide range of adaptability. It performs well in wide or narrow rows while maintaining excellent standability.
  • An Early Group 1 line, 5B130R2 provides resistance to Phytophthora through Rps1c as well as very good tolerance to white mold, brown stem rot and iron deficiency chlorosis. 5B130R2 is an excellent choice for no-till or conventional planting practices and is well-adapted to wide or narrow rows.
  • 5B241R2 is a yield leader, boasting brown stem rot and Phytophthora resistance and excellent adaptation across the Mid-Group 2 growing area. With good emergence, standability and stress tolerance to varying soil types, 5B241R2 will perform across all planting practices.
  • 5N274R2 features excellent tolerance to brown stem rot and resistance to soybean cyst nematode (SCN) and Phytophthora. The Late Group 2 line is a good choice across eastern soils due to its strong emergence and performance in all row widths.
  • With a strong agronomic package, the high yield potential of 5N304R2 is protected with SCN, brown stem rot and Phytophthora resistance. 5N304R2 performs best east of Interstate 35 and exhibits very good emergence, standability and tolerance to sudden death syndrome.
  • 5N324R2, a medium-tall Early Group 3 line, provides a high-yielding agronomic package well-suited for tougher eastern soils. The line features great agronomics with very good tolerance to frogeye leaf spot, charcoal rot and resistance to SCN and brown stem rot.
  • A line with excellent yield potential and stress tolerance, 5N342R2 is medium-tall with resistance to SCN and Phytophthora. The Mid-Group 3 soybean is a good choice for all row widths and planting systems, exhibiting excellent standability and good tolerance to varying soil types.
  • An optimal performer on good ground from Indiana to Missouri, 5N385R2 is a Late Group 3 line with strong resistance to SCN and Phytophthora. 5N385R2 features good standability and emergence, making it a good choice for all planting practices.
  • 5N422R2 is an attractive Early Group 4 soybean with very good branching and tolerance to frogeye leaf spot. A consistent yielder from east to west, the line offers excellent shatter resistance and resistance to SCN and Phytophthora.
  • 5N451R2 has high emergence rates and moves south well. Very good tolerance to frogeye leaf spot and Phytophthora is partnered with resistance to stem canker and SCN to provide growers a broadly adapted soybean.
  • A great choice for double-crop systems, 5N478R2 is a tall, rugged soybean that is broadly adapted to varying soil types. The Late Group 4 line features resistance to stem canker and SCN as well as very good tolerance to frogeye leaf spot and Phytophthora.

Promise for advanced technology

Mycogen Seeds is adding 31 new soybean lines, all offering Roundup Ready 2 Yield trait technology, to its growing soybean portfolio. The portfolio of MYCOGEN® brand soybeans offers a wide range of agronomic qualities and maturities. Mycogen Seeds has made a commitment to providing customers with new technology, and growers will see the future of soybeans come through Mycogen Seeds.

“We will continue to meet growers’ needs for soybean production through ongoing research and development and bringing the latest technology to market,” Kalthoff says.

For more information about these new soybean products or other MYCOGEN brand products, contact your local Mycogen Seeds dealer or sales representative, or visit