Respect the Rotation Promotes Best Management Practices in Iowa


AMES, IOWA — At the recent Respect the Rotation™ field day in Ames, Iowa on Sept. 13 and 14, 2011 sponsored by Bayer CropScience, 200 people heard how continual use of a single mode of action intensifies selection pressure and contributes to the development of weed resistance. As the story moving through the Mid-South indicates, Midwest growers have a narrow window to take advantage of and stay ahead of the issue.

Attendees also saw the results of that approach to weed management. “The problem of glyphosate-resistant waterhemp is something that we need to get under control,” said Mike Owen, weed scientist at Iowa State University “The costs associated with control continue to increase – it is a threat to profitability. Growers need to make sure diversity is a key part of their weed management program.”

One participant from Pocahontas County agrees. “Being proactive is cheaper than being reactive.”

Attendees to the field day also heard about Bayer’s endeavor into seed, germplasm and traits, as well advances in innovative solutions for weed resistance management. “This gave us an opportunity to share how excited we are about the future of trait technology at Bayer and the investment in the soybean pipeline,” said Andy Hurst, product manager for Bayer CropScience.

Growers were also able to learn how Bayer Innovative Solutions can be incorporated into their management programs. Plots included a wide-range of Bayer products including, LibertyLink®technology and Ignite® herbicide, as well as other crop protection solutions.

“LibertyLink and Ignite fit very well into the principles of Respect the Rotation,” Hurst said. “The goal of the initiative is to promote grower adoption of diversified management practices that help manage or prevent glyphosate-resistant weeds, as well as promote stewardship of viable alternatives. And, LibertyLink soybeans are a perfect fit.”

The learning experience was a valuable one. “Glyphosate weed resistance is coming,” said Amy Asmus, CCA, with Asmus Farm Supply in Rake, Iowa. “We have no more tries. We just need to do what needs to get done to control resistance.”

Respect the Rotation is an initiative to elevate the importance and grower adoption of herbicide diversity. Rotating crops, herbicide-tolerant traits, and modes of action are essential to improve weed resistance management. The Respect the Rotation Field Tours scheduled for 2011 are bringing the issues to the doorsteps of those who can benefit most from its message.

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