Roundup Ready 2 Yield™ Soybeans to be Introduced on 1-2 Million Acres in 2009

Breakthrough Second-Generation Technology Offers Top-End Yield Potential

NASHVILLE, Tenn., February 29, 2008 – With the commercialization of Monsanto’s second- generation soybean technology in 2009, Roundup Ready 2 Yield™, American farmers will enjoy all the benefits of the original Roundup Ready® soybean system plus top-end yield potential.

Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans will be introduced on 1-2 million acres for the 2009 season. Initially, this breakthrough technology will be available primarily in maturity groups 2 and 3, where more than 50 percent of U.S. soybeans are grown, according to David Nothmann, Monsanto’s Soybean Agronomic Trait Lead.

This includes all of Iowa, Nebraska, Ohio and Pennsylvania; most of Illinois and Indiana; portions of northern Missouri, Kansas and Maryland; and portions of southern Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and South Dakota.

“We are very excited about bringing the next generation of Roundup Ready soybean technology to market,” said Nothmann. “It will give farmers the opportunity to continue to enjoy all the flexibility, dependability and crop safety that they have today in Roundup Ready soybeans, but with enhanced yield opportunity that has consistently been shown in four years of field trials to be 7 to 11 percent higher than the first-generation technology.”

He noted that Roundup Ready 2 Yield varieties for 2009 will feature a strong class of genetics from Asgrow® soybeans, as well as top-performing varieties from other leading soybean brands. Growers, he said, are encouraged to visit with their local dealers and seed companies regarding the Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybean products best suited for their farms.

Nothmann described the 2009 introduction as a controlled commercial release of Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans, so that as many farmer “Innovators” as possible in select geographies will be able to experience the benefits of the product on their farms prior to its full launch on 5-6 million acres in 2010.

Dion McBay, Monsanto Soybean Traits Marketing Manager, noted that the original Roundup Ready soybean technology, introduced in 1996, has had a tremendous impact on U.S. soybean production, providing growers with greater efficiency and enhanced weed control. “When we talked to farmers and asked how they would like to improve this technology, their answer was ‘more yield’,” McBay said. “We have invested aggressively to bring forward this next-generation technology that delivers all the attributes of the Roundup Ready System they rely on, plus higher yield potential that will shift the curve of U.S. soybean production to a new level.”

He added that farmers will be able to easily incorporate Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans into their farming operations. “There’s no change to the Roundup Ready system,” he emphasized. “Farmers will still have the opportunity to use Roundup® branded herbicides right over the top of the crop to experience exceptional, unsurpassed weed control, which has resulted in greater efficiency and effectiveness for the American soybean farmer.”

Advanced Gene-Mapping Technology

Nothmann said Roundup Ready 2 Yield technology is based on an advanced gene-mapping and insertion process. “Through gene mapping, Monsanto has identified specific DNA regions in soybeans that have a positive impact on yield,” he explained. “Using these new insertion and selection technologies, the Roundup Ready 2 Yield gene is situated in one of these DNA regions.”

He predicted that the new technology will be in high demand this fall. “In areas that typically average 50 bushels per acres yield, that seven to eleven percent yield advantage translates to 3.5 to 5.5 more bushels per acre,” he noted. “This not only means a huge economic benefit for growers, but will also help the American soybean industry meet the growing oil demand from the food and biodiesel industries.”

Commitment to Grower Success

The introduction of Roundup Ready 2 Yield also reflects Monsanto’s commitment to grower success as a company focused solely on agriculture. “It really all boils down to creating greater success and profitability for their farming operations,” McBay said. “We recognize that we as a company can only be successful when we create success for our farmer customers.”

Monsanto recently announced that it had received full regulatory approval for Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans in Japan, the Philippines and Taiwan. The new technology will serve as the primary platform for Monsanto’s introduction of future soybean trait technologies, including higher yield, expanded herbicide tolerance and enhanced oil products.

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