Simplicity Redefines Landoll 2400 Series Weatherproofer I


MARYSVILLE, KS  — JANUARY 2013 — If there is one key feature on the redesigned 2400 Series Weatherproofer I tillage tools from Landoll Corporation, it is simplicity. Available in six- through 13-shank models for a total of five sizes, the WP I is easy to set and levels perfectly.

The entire machine — no matter the size — is set with the convenience of a single front-mounted depth control crank. This means producers can pull into the field and, with one control, set the machine to disc and deep till the soil in one pass, uniformly mixing residue, while penetrating the compaction zone for enhanced water intake and root growth.

“Unlike some manufacturers that promote ‘adjustable angle’ disc gangs, Landoll elected to go with gangs that are fixed on a field-proven 15-degree angle,” says Jamie Meier, Landoll ag sales manager. “The ¼-inch thick, 24- or 26-inch discs are also set on a narrow 10.5-inch spacing so they quickly resize and mix the toughest residue. Overall, the machine will require much less maintenance, due to fewer moving parts, and provide years of trouble-free service.”

In addition, Meier says Landoll engineers chose to position auto-reset shanks on 24-inch centers, rather than the traditional 30-inch spacing. This provides better soil fraction and allows the operator to run at shallower depths and higher speeds, saving both fuel and labor, while leaving an extremely level field. The parabolic shanks feature a maximum 3,500-pound point load with a 16” trip height.

“We’ve also incorporated our time-tested, heavy-duty trunnion mounted bearings, which have proven their performance and reliability on other Landoll products, into the WP I,” Meier adds. “These self-aligning bearings are triple-lip sealed and, when coupled with the cushioned gang hangers, provide years of trouble-free performance.

“The Landoll Weatherproofer has always been a rugged and reliable machine that manages the soil profile to achieve maximum yield each season,” he concludes. “Now, with the WP I, we’ve added ‘simpler’ to the description.”

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