Soybean and Cotton Farmers Capture Extra Benefits From Respect the Rotation Practices


Research Triangle Park, N.C. — Bayer CropScience has announced the new LibertyLink LinkUp™ Offer, an important addition to Innovation Plus™ programs. Farmers who plant a minimum 250 acres of LibertyLink® soybeans and/or cotton will be eligible for a $2 per acre* incentive. Andy Hurst, product manager for LibertyLink and Ignite® herbicide, says this offer provides an incentive for growers to plant LibertyLink soybeans and cotton, which is a great way to Respect the Rotation™ and rotate modes of action.
“We’re very confident that farmers will be pleased with the performance of LibertyLink varieties and the powerful, non-selective weed management possible with Ignite,” Hurst said. “In fact, many farmers are already incorporating LibertyLink, Ignite and other Respect the Rotation tools on their farms. There has never been a better time to try the most reliable weed-management solution available so you can avoid or manage weed resistance on your farm.”
To qualify, farmers must order their seed by February 1, 2012. For more information on the LinkUp Offer, see your preferred seed seller or supplier. Additional program details are available at
*Based on seeding rates of 1 acre/unit of soybean seed and 5 acres/unit of cottonseed.