Soybean Aphid Pressure Found in Pockets across Northern Great Plains

MINNETONKA, MINN. — September 1, 2010 — Local agronomists from Syngenta Seeds, Inc. have noted soybean aphid pressure across the northern Great Plains and surrounding region. Growers are urged to scout their fields for this damaging pest in order to minimize possible yield loss.

Though this season has had uncharacteristically low levels of aphid populations in most areas, parts of South Dakota and Minnesota did show high levels of infestation. Weather conditions generally inhibited the development of high populations, but in a typical summer growers expect aphid populations to increase quickly after initial development, as the additional heat units promote rapid pest maturation and reproduction. Due to the potential aphid population explosion, growers are advised to scout their fields until their crop reaches R6 stage, which is the full bean stage.

Syngenta now offers growers the option of utilizing the Aphid Management System (AMS™), the industry’s first and only fully integrated option to manage risk and protect soybean crops from yield-robbing aphid infestations.

AMS delivers unsurpassed aphid protection throughout the crop lifecycle. Recent multi-year research trials show that, during plants’ critical growing stages, the aphid tolerant soybeans can significantly reduce aphid populations by about 50 percent. When combined with CruiserMaxx® Beans insecticide/fungicide seed treatment, the beans reduced aphid populations by 86 percent1.

By utilizing multiple modes of action, AMS reduces the risk of resistance development and enables beneficial insect activity. In addition, if aphid populations still exceed economic thresholds, Syngenta will back this system by providing up to $5/acre for insecticide treatment2.

“Never before has a seed company offered this many modes of action coupled with such an extensive level of integrated pest management,” said Bruce Battles, Agronomy Marketing Manager, Syngenta Seeds. “This invasive species has had growers clamoring for a solution for a decade. AMS provides growers with complete aphid control from the flowering stage until they’re ready for harvest.”

Syngenta introduced two AMS varieties in introductory quantities within the 2010 NK® brand soybean product line-up. For the 2011 growing season, Syngenta plans to have a broader selection of AMS varieties available to growers. To learn more, contact your local Garst or Golden Harvest Dealer or NK Seeds Retailer.