Soybean Growers Maximize Each Acre with Trident™ Bio-Inducer

Waukegan, Illinois (May 8, 2014) – With thousands of corn-on-corn acres expected to rotate to soybeans in 2014, and with spring weather delaying planting, growers must be more proactive than ever to maximize yield and income potential. Trident™ Bio-Inducer from Precision Laboratories helps soybeans start strong and perform consistently across all environments and soil types, including acres stressed by heat, moisture or irregular rotation.

Soybeans work with symbiotic bacteria to establish root nodules and fix nitrogen. Multiple seasons without soybeans, hot and dry or cold and wet conditions, all reduce populations of this key biological partner. Trident includes a specially selected, pre-stressed bacteria stimulated by a bio-inducer. Applied directly to the seed up to 90 days prior to planting, Trident helps establish strong stands, increase early vigor and improve yield. The extra nitrogen Trident provides to the soybean plant means nitrogen in the soil is depleted at a lower rate, allowing more nitrogen to be carried into the following season.

“The cheapest nitrogen source available to soybean growers is the nitrogen that plants can obtain from the atmosphere, but environmental stresses can reduce the ability of plants to obtain the required amount of nitrogen from bacteria in the soil,” said Terry Culp, vice president of Seed and Nutrient Chemistries at Precision Laboratories. “Trident gives each plant the partner it needs to fix more nitrogen so soybeans not only thrive on stressed soils, but they also perform their best in any environment.”

Soybeans fix nitrogen most efficiently by establishing efficacious nodules early. Trident concentrates nodulation at the crown of the taproot, the most efficient location for nodules to provide nitrogen to the plant. In independent tests, acres on an annual corn and soybean rotation averaged 2.2 bushels more per acre with Trident than with only a seed applied fungicide and insecticide.

“Great soybean crops start with strong stands, rapid early growth and an efficient root system,” said Culp. “Trident takes seedling support to the next level. Whatever the weather condition, cropping system or soil type, it helps growers harvest more soybeans on every acre.”

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