Soybean Seed Treatments

In October, Pioneer announced all Pioneer soybeans treated with the Pioneer Premium Seed Treatment in 2011 would feature a green polymer coating. Although components remain the same, (Gaucho® insecticide plus Trilex® and Allegiance® fungicides) the new green coating does offer some additional benefits. It ensures complete seed coverage and allows seed to flow well through the planter while dramatically minimizing dust. The Pioneer-green polymer coating also helps build a strong visual connection with the Pioneer Premium Seed Treatment.

While it’s best to use all components of the soybean premium treatment for maximum protection, growers also have the flexibility to pick and choose only the necessary components for their operation. The insecticide within the premium treatment helps control the overwintering population of bean leaf beetles, potentially serving as gateways for the bean pod mottle virus, and it suppresses early infestations of soybean aphids. The fungicide offering helps protect plants from common pathogens such as Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, Pythium and Phytophthora. Optimize® 400, a signal molecule and inoculant, is another option within the Pioneer Premium Seed Treatment offering.

Pioneer provides seed treatments to growers in efforts to help Pioneer products reach their greatest genetic potential. The company’s seed treatment options provide growers with even more effective choices to protect the right product on the right acre. Growers may obtain the Pioneer Premium Seed Treatment offering for soybeans from a Pioneer production plant or a local Pioneer sales professional with seed-treating facilities.