Spring burndown with Kixor® saves time

Spring burndown with Kixor® saves time

Tips from BASF for making the most of a compressed spring

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, March 10, 2010 – With the late harvest in 2009, growers are looking ahead to determine how to manage all of their fieldwork and planting this spring. Dr. Dan Westberg, Technical Market Manager with BASF, offers the following tips for utilizing a burndown herbicide in the spring for quick, effective weed control to help make the most out of a compressed spring.

Tip #1: Select a fast-action burndown herbicide

“All indications point to a compressed spring this year, with a lot of work to do in a very short period of time,” said Dr. Westberg. “Selecting a herbicide that provides fast, complete burndown without preplant restrictions is critical for preparing no-till fields for planting in a limited amount of time.”

Kixor® herbicide technology, a new active ingredient recently launched by BASF, offers growers fast, effective burndown of tough broadleaf weeds like marestail, giant ragweed, and common lambsquarters without the hassle of preplant restrictions. Older products such as 2,4-D require a restriction of one to two weeks between its application and planting corn or soybeans. This restriction, coupled with its slow activity, creates uncertainty in grower’s minds. Kixor is three to five times faster than 2,4-D and glyphosate and has no preplant restriction, with the exception of soybeans grown on coarse soils with less than 2 percent organic matter. A fast-acting, flexible herbicide like Kixor can make a significant impact on a grower’s peace of mind during a compressed spring.

Tip #2: Apply your herbicide and liquid fertilizer in one application

Late harvest and wet, cold conditions prevented fall fieldwork and fertilizer applications in 2009 pushing these critical activities to the spring. If growers also face a wet spring, the available time for these activities will be further compressed. Dr. Westberg recommends growers work with their retailer to select a herbicide that is compatible with their liquid fertilizer. This will allow growers to accomplish the application of both herbicide and fertilizer in one pass, eliminating extra steps and saving growers time to focus on other important areas.

Integrity™ herbicide for corn, which is powered by Kixor herbicide technology, is compatible with liquid fertilizer. This feature, coupled with its ability to provide

burndown and residual in one product, allows growers to achieve multiple objectives in one application.

Tip #3: Add operational efficiencies with low use-rate herbicides

“Taking all of the fall fieldwork and combining it with your normal spring fieldwork is a daunting task,” said Dr. Westberg. “Growers can save significant time and effort with low use-rate herbicides, which offer efficient storage, transport and handling.”

For example, Integrity requires roughly a quarter of the application rate compared to the older, traditional preemergence products based on atrazine. This translates to only six mini-bulks of Integrity to cover 5,000 acres, as opposed to 24 mini-bulks of some of the older technologies for the same acreage. Improved operational efficiency in a compressed spring saves growers time, money, and headaches.

Tip #4: Know your weed pressure risk

“In some areas of the country last year, growers experienced severe weather that resulted in acres that were hailed or drowned out,” said Dr. Westberg. “If left alone, weeds often take over these areas due to the lack of crop competition and produce a lot of seed that is often spread throughout the field and neighboring fields by equipment.” These areas, Dr. Westberg says, are ripe for a sequential preemergence herbicide application, followed by a post weed control system to get fields back on track.

A family of three products powered by Kixor has been developed to meet the needs or corn and soybean growers: Integrity herbicide, a premix of Kixor plus dimethenamid-p, will provide broad spectrum broadleaf and grass control in corn; OpTill™ herbicide, a premix of Kixor plus imazethapyr, for burndown plus residual control in soybeans; and Sharpen™ herbicide, a solo formulation of Kixor, for fast, flexible broadleaf burndown in a wide range of crops.

The family of products powered by Kixor herbicide technology provides fast, effective burndown and residual weed control, forming a foundation of early weed control that will enable growers to get the most out of every acre.