Stine Seed Company Announces 2012 Corn and Soybean Line-up


ADEL, Iowa – Stine Seed Company is proud to announce their corn and soybean offerings for the 2012 growing season. The extended product lines boast 22 new corn lines—including Stine Agrisure® 3000GT and Stine Agrisure GT/CB/LL triple stack traits; 20 new Stine Genuity® Roundup Ready™ 2 Yield soybeans; and 35 new Stine LibertyLink® soybeans.

Stine gives their customers access to a wide array of corn and soybean choices to meet their fields’ unique growing conditions. The 2012 seed catalog allows growers to choose the traits they desire—regardless of their herbicide preferences—packaged in the best genetics on the market. 

Stine’s 2012 corn line-up includes: Agrisure 3000GT, Agrisure GT/CB/LL, Genuity Yieldgard VT Triple Pro™, Herculex® I, Roundup Ready 2 and Yieldgard VT Triple® traits, as well as conventional corn.

Agrisure 3000GT and Agrisure GT/CB/LL are new additions to Stine’s seed portfolio giving growers even more trait options. This triple stack trait helps growers guard against corn borer and corn rootworm, and has built-in tolerance to both glyphosate and glufosinate herbicides. Growers planting Stine Agrisure 3000GT can expect exceptional performance under heavy rootworm pressure, and improved performance even in areas where rootworm pressure is low or absent. Stine Agrisure GT/CB/LL combines the benefits of Agrisure GT and Agrisure CB/LL’s trait technologies for season-long protection against corn borer and an inbred tolerance to both glyphosate and glufosinate herbicides.

Stine is also releasing 15 new Genuity Yieldgard VT Triple Pro lines, three new Roundup Ready 2 corn lines and one new conventional corn line for the 2012 planting season.

Stine is on the leading edge of high population corn production technology. They have developed hybrids designed to provide maximum yields in narrow rows and higher plant populations. Stine’s high population (HP) corn system features hybrids that are bred with the root structure, stalk quality and disease resistance necessary to handle the demands of higher populations—allowing growers to further maximize per acre profits.

Your Field, Your Choice.

Stine’s status as an independent seed company enables them to share traits with the leading developers in the industry. As a result, Stine’s customers get priority access to new trait technologies packaged in Stine germplasm—the best genetics on the market—regardless of their herbicide preferences. New lines are put through years of vigorous yield trials to ensure that only the top-performing soybeans end up in a Stine seed bag.

The 2012 seed catalog features 35 new lines of Stine LibertyLink soybeans, 20 new lines of Stine Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield and conventional beans. This allows growers to choose from a wide variety of soybeans with built-in tolerance to glyphosate or glufosinate—so they can use the herbicide best suited for the growing conditions in their region without worrying about compromising yields.

Stine’s seed dealers and regional sales agronomists can help growers select the best hybrids and varieties for their fields. To learn more, call 800-362-2510 or visit