StollerUSA’s New Product Innovation Results in Record Breaking Soybean Yield Potential of 166 bu/acre

HOUSTON (January 27, 2010) – StollerUSA, a leader in yield-enhancing technologies, has pushed soybean yield limits to record breaking levels. Working with independent researchers, Stoller’s R&D team used their latest product innovation—a plant hormone formulation that’s still in the testing phase—to reach what may be a world record soybean yield of 166 bu/acre.

The vernal soybean variety was grown in a controlled, replicated plot environment. Thirty pounds of nitrogen was applied through drip irrigation at the time of planting, and again at 30 and 45 days after planting. Under these conditions the control plants showed a robust yield of 92 bu/acre. When Stoller’s plant hormone formulation, STO-01, was applied at the R2 stage, the yield jumped by 80% to a 166.8bu/acre – believed to be the highest yield ever achieved in a replicated plot.

“Our mission is to empower plants so the grower can get the very most out of their seed investment—and that’s exactly what this new product trial demonstrates,” explains CEO and founder Jerry Stoller. “Our new product developments are based on Stoller’s genetic expression technology that has been at work in farm fields for the last four decades. Our commitment to R&D continues to pay off for progressive farmers looking to push plant performance to the limit.”

StollerUSA is dedicated to helping producers enhance their crops by maximizing genetic expression. The result is in enhanced marketable yield, resistance to insects, nematodes, and disease, while maximizing the return on investment. Stoller products are proven to ensure optimum plant growth by maintaining appropriate hormone balance in combination with supporting nutrients, resulting in healthier, more productive crops that are better able to withstand stress and achieve their full genetic potential.

In agribusiness for more than 40 years, StollerUSA markets a full line of products to help farmers increase crop yield and quality. StollerUSA, headquartered in Houston, is actively researching and developing plant performance products in more than 50 countries. For more information on StollerUSA, visit