St. Louis, MO — Soybean farmers know that selecting the seed with the highest yield potential is a good thing for their bottom line, but is it a good thing for their weed control? The answer is yes. 

“For farmers choosing the highest yielding seed available, which in many cases is Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield® Soybeans treated with Acceleron® Seed Treatment Products, it is a basic decision,” says Dr. Rick Cole, Weed Management Product Manager at Monsanto Company. “When you choose the highest yielding seed available, you want to be sure you use a successful weed control plan.”   

Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield Soybeans still allow the same dependable weed control opportunities as Roundup Ready® soybeans, with the added benefit of increased yield potential.      

But how does that impact weed control?

“Multiple trials have shown us that the highest yielding seed typically produces a more hardy plant that can grow faster and bigger,” says Dr. Cole. “These characteristics mean that the soybean plants are more likely to establish canopy closure earlier and provide less opportunity for weed infestations early in the season.”

Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield Soybeans treated with Acceleron Seed Treatment Products typically have stronger early-season vigor, healthy root biomass and better stand establishment when compared to competitive products.

“Effective weed management is about more than choosing the right herbicide,” added Dr. Cole. “Effective weed management is about developing a long-term plan that consistently puts a priority on weed control and protecting yield. Farmers who do this from seed selection through harvest are generally rewarded with cleaner fields and higher yields.”

Weed resistance is a growing problem. Regardless of where a farm is located or what weed control products are used, a single herbicide mode-of-action is simply no longer adequate to protect yields and long-term profitability. Working with University Extension specialists, herbicide companies, and farmers, Monsanto developed the Roundup Ready PLUS™ Weed Management Platform.  Roundup Ready PLUS serves as a resource for recommendations on weed management in Roundup Ready crops backed by third-party endorsements, and offers incentives to farmers for using multiple modes of action in their weed control systems. Soybean farmers can receive up to $10 per acre in incentives under the 2012 platform. Corn farmers are eligible for separate incentives.

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