Syngenta AgriEdge® Soybean Program Grows with Higher Yields, Higher Enrollment

Golden Valley, Minn., May 11, 2009 – Syngenta today announced that the yield average of acreage enrolled in the 2008 AgriEdge Soybean Program exceeded the 2008 USDA national average by 38 percent. More than 3 million acres in 15 states were enrolled in the program, a 50 percent increase over 2007 AgriEdge program enrollment.

“The AgriEdge Soybean Program is showing growers that more intensive management of soybeans pays off in higher yields. The resulting agronomic yield advantage not only keeps growers in the AgriEdge Soybean Program, it also encourages them to enroll more acres,” said Pat Steiner, AgriEdge Program manager with Syngenta.

Growers become eligible for the AgriEdge Soybean Program when they purchase 120 units or more of NK® Soybeans with the Roundup Ready® trait from Garst, Golden Harvest or NK Seeds dealers, treated with a CruiserMaxx® Beans brand insecticide/fungicide seed treatment. Growers benefit from a genetics and trait package combined with the strength of CruiserMaxx Beans seed treatment, and earn $5/unit ($6/acre)*. Growers receive an additional $1 to $3/acre* incentives for tackling in-season weed and disease challenges with Prefix® pre-emergence herbicide, Touchdown Total® or Touchdown HiTech® glyphosate herbicide, or Quadris® fungicide.

Syngenta also offers an AgriEdge crop management system for corn that encourages the elimination of early-season weed competition to protect yield potential. Growers can earn $8.40/unit ($3/acre)** when they purchase at least 36 units of Garst®, Golden Harvest® or NK Seeds corn hybrids with Agrisure® traits that are treated with Cruiser Extreme® 250 or Cruiser Extreme® 1250 insecticide/fungicide seed treatment and apply Halex® GT, Lumax®, Lexar®, Bicep II Magnum®, Bicep Lite II Magnum®, or Camix® herbicides. Growers can also earn another $1/acre** for using Callisto®, Touchdown Total or Touchdown HiTech herbicide, Quilt® fungicide, or Force® 3G or Force® CS insecticide.

For program rules and for more information about the 2009 AgriEdge Corn Program or the 2009 AgriEdge Soybean Program or to download a Program Use Guide, visit Use guides are also available from authorized Garst, Golden Harvest and NK Seeds dealers or authorized crop protection retailers.

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