Syngenta announces $100,000 plus donation to make flex fuels more widely available

MINNETONKA, Minn., U.S.A., July 11, 2014 – Syngenta today announced a $108,000 donation to the renewable fuels industry to make flex fuels more widely available through an investment in flex fuel pump infrastructure. It is part of a three-year commitment announced in 2013 to contribute $1 to the ethanol industry for every acre planted with Enogen® trait technology.

In addition to this year’s $1 per acre donation, Syngenta is also currently involved with Iowa FFA chapters in a collaborative effort to match those dollars through a fund raising initiative at the American Ethanol 200 presented by Enogen.

 “Syngenta is pleased to continue its support for the ethanol industry by donating $1 for every acre of Enogen® seed planted during 2014 – and to be partnering with the FFA to make that donation go even further,” said David Witherspoon, head of Renewable Fuels at Syngenta. “Last year, the money was used to defend the Renewable Fuels Standard. The focus of this year’s donation – and matching dollars – will be to make flex fuels more accessible and provide consumers with a choice at the gas pump.”  

According to Growth Energy, more than 170 million cars – those manufactured since 2001 – are eligible to use E15. And, there are more than sixteen million flex fuel vehicles on the roads today, with more on the way. Witherspoon added that helping the industry expand its flex fuel pump footprint will enable consumers to have a choice to purchase a superior higher octane fuel, and pay less. 

“Clearly, we have the vehicles capable of using blends higher than E10 – but consumers need greater access to stations capable of providing it – and the petroleum marketing industry’s support to make that access a reality,” Witherspoon said. “The widespread availability of flex fuel vehicles – as well as those eligible to use E15 – demonstrates that there is a market ready for a less expensive, higher octane, more environmentally friendly alternative fuel.”

Syngenta is a leader in the quest for affordable and sustainable renewable fuels.  Enogen trait technology from Syngenta is the industry’s only corn output trait bioengineered specifically to enhance ethanol production. Enogen corn creates a win-win-win situation by adding value for ethanol plants, corn growers and rural communities.

Contributing to both food and fuel production, ethanol is making a significant contribution to the U.S. economy, helping to drive down gasoline prices for consumers and reduce carbon emissions for a cleaner environment.

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