Syngenta Introduces A New Class of Proven, High-Performing Soybeans – The Elite NK-1 Class

MINNETONKA, MINN. — Sept. 2, 2009 — Syngenta is launching the new NK-1 Class Soybeans for the 2010 planting season. NK-1 Class Soybeans are a superior lineup of NK® Soybeans selected for their demonstrated ability to deliver outstanding yield and performance in all environments and against top competitors.

Developed from the largest and most advanced germplasm pool in the industry, varieties within the NK-1 Class have proven to out-yield the competition by up to six bushels per acre1 and outperform competitors three out of four times.2

“Growers can depend on the NK-1 Class Soybeans to consistently deliver superior performance across a wide variety of geographies,” said Gene Kassmeyer, head, Syngenta Seeds soybean product line. “NK-1 Class Soybeans are developed and tested with the Syngenta accelerated development and advancement process that brings stronger, better-performing products to growers faster than traditional breeding methods.”

The innovative NK-1 Class represents the combination of exclusive Syngenta genetics and industry-leading disease and insect resistance. This combination protects crops from common yield-robbing diseases and emerging challenges such as sudden death syndrome and sclerotinia white mold. CruiserMaxx™ Beans seed treatment coupled with this exclusive class of soybeans improves plant vigor and provides additional yield protection.

For more information on NK-1 Class Soybeans, contact your local Garst® Seed Advisor, Golden Harvest® Dealer or NK Seeds Retailer.