Syngenta Seeds Announces Aphid Management System™ Performance Results

System found to increase yields up to 6.7 bu/A and provide extended soybean aphid control

MINNETONKA, MINN. — March 4, 2010 — Syngenta Seeds, Inc., one of the world’s leading agricultural seed providers, today released performance data for the Aphid Management System (AMS™), the industry’s first and only fully integrated option to manage risk and protect soybean crops from yield-robbing aphid infestations. AMS combines elite Syngenta Soybean genetics with a trait for resistance to soybean aphids, supported by Syngenta Seed Care and Crop Protection products to deliver complete, season-long protection.

The results of multi-year trials from Syngenta show that AMS:

• Increased yields by up to 6.7 bu/A in sites with moderate to severe aphid infestation.1

• Reduced aphids up to 86 percent, as compared to 50 percent with the aphid resistant trait only and 40 percent with seed treatment only.2

• Maintained control of soybean aphids three weeks after untreated, susceptible varieties reached economic threshold levels (250 aphids per plant).3

“Multiple modes of action and an integrated pest management approach significantly extend the window of aphid control Syngenta can offer growers,” said Bruce Battles, Agronomy Marketing Manager, Syngenta Seeds. “AMS provides growers with peace-of-mind that their crops are being protected during critical growing periods and confidence that their soybeans will yield well, even in years of high aphid infestation.”

Syngenta has introduced two AMS varieties in introductory quantities within the 2010 NK® Soybean product line-up. For the 2011 growing season, Syngenta plans to have a broader selection of AMS varieties available to growers. To learn more, contact your local Garst Seed Advisor, Golden Harvest Dealer or NK Seeds Retailer.