Syngenta Seeds Announces Nine New NK® Soybean Products

GOLDEN VALLEY, MINN. — February 25, 2009 — Syngenta Seeds, Inc., one of the world’s leading agricultural seed providers, has released nine new NK Soybean products for the 2009 growing season. The new brands deliver outstanding disease resistant packages including Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN) resistance in several varieties and are all available treated with CruiserMaxx® Beans seed treatment.

The new NK Soybeans products are available through Garst®, Golden Harvest® and NK Seeds dealers (see the attached fact sheet for further details regarding each new soybean brand). The brands range from early-mid Maturity Group I to late-Maturity Group IV and have performed strongly in performance trials.

“Our newest seed products demonstrate Syngenta’s commitment to delivering elite genetics and agronomic packages that help growers reach new levels of yield,” said Gene Kassmeyer, head of the Syngenta Seeds soybean product line. “We are seeing breakthroughs in soybean genetics by investing in our breeding programs, maintaining genetic diversity and through the experience of our breeders.”

The latest release follows Syngenta’s addition of 19 soybean products earlier in the growing season. Research shows that NK Soybeans have yielded more than 60 bushels/acre (bu/A) twice as often as the competition, with some exceeding 90 bu/A.

“Our yield results represent Syngenta’s commitment to delivering results for growers now. Soybean yields are built around genetic advancements, and these products are examples of that,” said Steve Knodle, NK Soybean Marketing Manager for Syngenta Seeds. "Growers are telling us that NK Soybeans are delivering better yields and in some cases their best yields. We are excited to bring these new soybean releases to more growers and show them how Syngenta is aiming to make the best even better to fit their farm.”