Syngenta Strengthens U.S. Wheat Herbicide Portfolio with Development of Two New Brands – Sierra™ and Pace™

• Active ingredient flucarbazone offers excellent control of grasses

• New brands increase options for managing weed resistance

Greensboro, N.C., USA, August 31, 2010 — Syngenta Crop Protection is developing two new product offerings, Sierra™ and Pace™ herbicides, to increase the diversity of grass weed management tools available to U.S. wheat growers.

Sierra will be a Group 2 graminicide based on the top-performing active ingredient flucarbazone. Flucarbazone offers excellent grass weed management control and provides an effective Group 2 chemistry option for use in managing resistant weeds. Pace is based on flucarbazone and will be used in combination with glyphosate (Touchdown®) for pre-seed burndown in wheat*.

In an agreement announced today, Syngenta will source flucarbazone from Arysta LifeScience North America, LLC. Syngenta Crop Protection in turn will supply Arysta with clodinafop 60EC, the formulation in Syngenta Discover® NG herbicide.

“Whether it be through our own in-house R&D or third-party collaborations, as in the case of Sierra and Pace, Syngenta is committed to providing U.S. growers with important tools to practice good stewardship and sustainable farming,” said Ken Fister, head of herbicide brand management at Syngenta Crop Protection. “When coupled with our other leading Group 1 herbicides including Discover® NG and Axial® XL, we believe we will have one of the most balanced wheat portfolios.”

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