Timely, Advanced Agronomic Information Offered by DEKALB® and Asgrow® Brands

St. Louis, Mo., (July 25, 2007) – A new resource for farmers, farm dealers and consultants that provides detailed agronomic information related to corn and soybean production is now available free of charge via a series of publications and a special Web site offered by DEKALB® corn and Asgrow® soybeans.

Titled Growing Knowledge®, the resource offers written timely, technical information that farmers can use to help improve management systems, crop yield and profitability. Three different publications, a Growing Knowledge Newsletter, Agronomic ALERTS and Agronomic SPOTLIGHTS, present localized and regionalized information in varying degrees of urgency. All three publications can be accessed at www.monsantoperformance.com by selecting the page for your home area.

Published monthly, the Growing Knowledge newsletter addresses agronomic issues across a variety of cropping systems, with primary focus on corn and soybeans. The Growing Knowledge Agronomic SPOTLIGHT publications are used to convey important information between newsletter issues. The Growing Knowledge ALERTS are used to rapidly convey critical status information to farmers in any given target region.

“For example, an area hit by a hailstorm can expect a Growing Knowledge ALERT within a very short period of time to address the problem and provide tools to manage the problem,” says Tony White, Ph.D., Agronomic Information Manager for Monsanto Company. “Other ALERTS might address topics such as purple corn, environmental factors that must be managed or information on insect migrations and infestations.”

According to White, these Growing Knowledge resources are currently available to farmers in 10 Corn Belt states and the eastern half of Canada. The states include Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and the Texas Panhandle. For Asgrow and DEKALB customers in Quebec, all agronomic information is available in French. There are plans under way to expand the Growing Knowledge portfolio to 23 Corn Belt states and all of Canada in late 2007 with introduction of the concept into the southern and western states during 2008.

Anyone in these geographies interested in receiving the Growing Knowledge portfolio of publications can subscribe by going to any regional page on www.monsantoperformance.com and clicking the “Subscribe” button on the right of the page.

White also emphasizes that the Growing Knowledge resource consists of nuts-and-bolts agronomic information only and is free of any advertising, marketing or promotional information. Subscriber information will not be sold or used for purposes other than Growing Knowledge-related agronomic information, he says.