Timely Planting, Strong Stands Key to Double-Crop Soybean Success


MINNETONKA, Minn. – Many growers are looking for ways to take advantage of the record highs commodity prices are expected to reach this growing season. Planting double-crop soybeans following winter wheat harvest can be an effective way to increase productivity and reap the benefits of favorable market conditions.

Syngenta provides a variety of services to growers looking to capitalize on these premium prices with double-crop soybeans,” said Tracy Mader, head of Soybeans for Syngenta in North America. “Careful management procedures may improve profitability of a second crop. The solutions that Syngenta provides simplify this process by combining our NK® brand soybeans, seed treatments and crop protection products.”

Planting within the right timeframe is absolutely crucial with double-crop soybeans. The longer a grower waits, the less their yield potential. Syngenta agronomy research suggests that soybean yield decreases approximately a half bushel for each day past mid-June that seeds are planted.

Selecting the proper soybean variety can be just as important as planting at the right time when maximizing yield potential. Using medium to full season varieties adapted for the local area will maximize the growing season, and usually produce taller plants to compete better with weeds. 

According to Syngenta agronomy research, good seed-to-soil contact, adequate moisture for germination and complete seed coverage when planting are integral in achieving uniform stands, which maximize yield potential. Growers should consider no-till seeding directly into wheat stubble to retain soil moisture for improved germination, build soil structure, add nitrogen and reduce soil erosion. Increasing the seeding rate during planting by 10 to 15 percent may result in a higher plant population and a stronger stand. In addition, a CruiserMaxx® Beans brand insecticide/fungicide seed treatment can increase stand, vigor, speed to canopy and ultimately yield.

However, wheat stubble often contains weed seedlings that can stifle a good soybean crop. Narrowing the rows to 15 inches or less may promote faster canopy development closure for improved weed control. Weed control in stubble-planted soybeans can be further enhanced by properly timing the application of post-emergence herbicides. Failure to spray when weeds are small may result in poor control and significant yield reductions.

For additional convenience, NK brand soybeans and custom seed treatment options are widely available thanks to the TruBulk® seed delivery system. Utilizing this system helps speed the planting process, allowing for earlier planting for soybeans. On-site seed treatment is also offered at many of the locations with TruBulk systems.

For more information on selecting the NK brand soybean varieties best suited for double cropping in your area, contact your local Garst or Golden Harvest Dealer or NK Seeds Retailer.