Unleash Capture® LFR™ insecticide over your Bt CRW and treated corn seed.

It’s the fiercest protection for better stands and higher yields.
These days growers rely on Capture® LFR™ insecticide from FMC to fill the gaps in protection that Bt CRW and treated seed
leave behind. Capture LFR helps growers stop insect escapes in order to meet the high demand for corn and corn-based
ethanol products. It’s the convenient, easy-to-mix formulation that provides superior control of corn rootworm, as well as
secondary pests like cutworms, wireworms and grubs.

Capture LFR can be applied over top of Bt CRW seed, for better control and higher yields. With one trip through the field,
the seed is planted, fertilized and protected. Capture LFR is the ideal solution for unbeatable, season-long control of corn
seed and seedling pests.

Capture LFR insecticide:
• Provides unmatched control of cutworms, wireworms, grubs and destructive corn rootworms
• Fills the gaps left by Bt CRW and treated seed
• Treat non-corn rootworm pests at lower rates
• Ideal tank mix specifically designed for pop-up liquid fertilizers or can be applied
alone with water

Commercial Field Trials showed Capture LFR had a $45.60 /A* advantage overuntreated seed!
2007 University of Illinois Rootworm Trials
Comparison of YieldGard® RW corn vs YieldGard RW corn
plus soil insecticide (Yields bu/A)

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