USC introduces New Continuous Treating System for Bulk Seed Sites

USC, manufacturers of high quality seed treating equipment, announced today, the release of their all new Continuous Treating System for bulk seed sites.

Continuous Treating System for Bulk Seed

This unique system features dual hoppers with air-gates and seed treater all linked and controlled by a single PLC touch screen control panel to operate all treater and bin site functions.  The system utilizes a round designed 150 unit scale hopper that weighs and certifies incoming seed. The system then automatically releases the seed load through an air-gate into the second round 250 unit surge hopper that channels and controls flow into the seed treater. This system is a compact design that is three feet shorter than other systems on the market, reducing space requirements.


What makes the USC Continuous Treating System unique is its ability to treat bulk seed without delays associated with a normal batch system. Fast, efficient, even flow of seed treatment of up to 2,000 units per hour provides the benefits that both the bin site owner and their customers demand.

For more information about USC’s new Continuous Treating System and other seed treating products, contact: or 1-785-431-7900.