Winfield Solutions Brings Decision Technology to Growers’ Fields

SHOREVIEW, Minn.  – The speed of technological development in agriculture and the constant influx of new products and seed varieties can make agronomic decision-making feel like a risky business.

To help growers transform risk into opportunity, Winfield Solutions has developed the R7 Tool® -- a new web-based platform that performs detailed field-by-field analysis within minutes. Growers can access the tool through specially trained agronomy experts at their local cooperative.  

The R7® Tool supplies a detailed analysis of a grower’s fields, identifying the most productive acres as well as seed, crop protection, and crop nutrition options that will maximize yield potential and help improve crop efficiency. The tool’s platform utilizes multi-year satellite imagery to help growers understand variation in yield potential within their fields and divide their fields into zones to more effectively manage inputs. Because the technology is based on imagery, it does not require historical data such as yield maps or grid soil samples.

“Far too many growers make only limited use of precision agricultural technology, because of a lack of historical or other data,” said Dave Gebhardt, director of applied agronomic research and product development for Winfield Solutions. “The R7 Tool complements existing precision farming strategies, while also providing an easy, low-cost way to get started.”

Through the R7 Tool, growers tap into a resource that combines comprehensive seed and crop protection data from local Answer Plot® test sites with 20 years of satellite data. The resulting analysis pinpoints unique information growers can use to tailor seed selection and population, as well as crop nutrients and crop protection products, both field-to-field and within each field. By accessing quick, comprehensive and personalized data, the R7 Tool helps ensure growers make smart, informed decisions.

“The data accessed by the tool is both up-to-date and robust,” said Gebhardt. “Using this data, growers can work with their agronomists to select the right hybrids and capitalize on the high-potential areas of their fields.” The tool’s name is derived from Winfield Solutions’ R7® Placement Strategy, which was developed to help growers precisely match crop inputs with field conditions. By tying together multiple components of crop management, from seed genetics to agronomic practices, the strategy helps growers properly place products to maximize profitability. Specifically, R7 stands for:

The Right Genetics for

The Right Soil Type at

The Right Plant Population in

The Right Cropping System with

The Right Traits fed

The Right Plant Nutrition defended with

The Right Crop Protection