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Wisconsin Again

Wisconsin Again
This past week I spent time in Green Bay, WI, conducting parts of the Advanced Agrilender School. I was enjoying the Packer training camp, just like past years, that runs at the same time. My room was in a townhouse with the Packer coaching staff. I saw most of the players at breakfast or dinner, which is always a great treat.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
My discussion with lenders about travel often leads to talking about "KT’s", or "Killer Toys." You know, the ones often observed in a site inspection by Agrilenders. Now everyone has to have a few toys. But the control of the toys, particularly in the good years, can be a cue for success or failure in the downtimes particularly as it relates to cash flow and liquidity.

Let’s trek around the country and develop our list:

  • In the North, snowmobiles, Harleys, ice fishing houses and trophy spouses to get them through the long winters appear to prevail.
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