Wyffels Hybrids Releases Two New Hybrids

Wyffels Hybrids added to its 2011 product lineup by releasing two new products this week. This is in addition to the nine new corn hybrids that Wyffels Hybrids released this summer.

“We are in a unique position to release an additional two hybrids based on their overwhelming performance in multiple years of testing,” said Fritz Behr, vice president of research at Wyffels Hybrids. “We’re dedicated to delivering the latest seed technology in the most advanced genetic packages for our customers’ operations, and these two hybrids offer outstanding options for the 2011 growing season.”

W5077(107 RM, Genuity® VT Triple PRO™) Combining highly competitive yields with wide adaptability across environments, W5077 is an excellent choice for a mid-season hybrid. With a medium plant and ear height, this hybrid has impressive root and stalk strength with very good resistance to Goss’ wilt and northern leaf blight.

W7147(111 RM, Genuity VT Triple PRO) A top yielding hybrid for its maturity, W7147 offers high stress tolerance and outstanding north to south movement. This new hybrid has excellent root strength and very solid green snap resistance.  

Both new hybrids perform well in rotation or following corn, in a wide range of soils, in different tillage operations and with higher populations. Corn growers should contact their local Wyffels Hybrids representative for more information.