YieldGard VT Triple® Projected on 28 Million Acres in 2008

Farmer Survey Reflects High Satisfaction with YieldGard VT Triple® Technology

ST. LOUIS, MO, (June 9, 2008) –YieldGard VT Triple® corn is expected to be planted on approximately 28 million acres this season, or 32 percent of the projected 86 million U.S. corn acres. This is a substantial increase over the 1.5 million acres planted after the product was launched in 2007.

John Jansen, Monsanto Corn Trait Marketing Lead, attributes this rapid farmer adoption to the higher yields and reduced risk of the triple-stack technology, allowing farmers to maximize their corn’s genetic potential.

YieldGard VT is the next generation of YieldGard® in-plant insect-control technology. The advanced science involves a more precise gene-insertion process, known as Vector Stacked Transformation, or VecTran™, to create stacked-trait hybrids. The result is improved consistency, even better insect control and higher yield potential than the first generation of YieldGard products.

“Farmers face a variety of risk factors in bringing a corn crop to harvest,” states Jansen. “YieldGard VT Triple helps mitigate those risks by providing the best insect protection available. Now, that risk reduction is being recognized by the crop insurance industry with the Biotech Yield Endorsement. If you’re farming in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois or Indiana and devoting at least 75 percent of your acres to planting YieldGard Plus with Roundup Ready Corn 2 or YieldGard VT Triple, you can qualify for the Biotech Yield Endorsement. This program was launched as a collaborative effort between the USDA’s Risk Management Agency and Monsanto to review over two years of side-by-side comparisons. Tens of thousands of field comparisons were conducted across the Corn Belt that were used to support the approval of this discount.”

In addition, Jansen says YieldGard VT Triple includes Roundup Ready® 2 Technology, which when used in the Roundup Ready System offers a superior combination of crop safety, weed control and application flexibility for healthier plants and higher yield potential. This year, Roundup Ready Corn 2 and Roundup Ready 2 Technology are projected to be planted on more than 60 million acres - making it the number one corn weed-control system in U.S. agriculture.

In 2007, corn hybrids containing YieldGard VT Triple technology achieved, on average, a yield advantage of 12.8 bushels per acre over Pioneer hybrids containing Herculex® XTRA technology. This yield advantage is based on the results from nearly 3,000 field comparisons in top corn-producing states in the Corn Belt. The comparisons were between YieldGard VT Triple contained in DEKALB®, American Seeds, Inc., and licensed partner brands, versus Pioneer® hybrids with Herculex XTRA.

YieldGard VT Triple Achieves High Marks in Satisfaction Survey

YieldGard VT Triple technology received high satisfaction marks in a 2007 grower survey, with 90 percent of the surveyed farmers saying they were satisfied with the product and the performance it demonstrated on their farming operations. In contrast, only 74 percent of growers who planted Herculex Rootworm, 48 percent who used high-rate seed treatments and 47 percent who used soil insecticides were very satisfied to somewhat satisfied with their rootworm protection. This is the eighth consecutive year that YieldGard® technologies scored a satisfaction level of 90 percent or higher. *

“In survey results, corn growers utilizing YieldGard VT Triple’s outstanding insect protection and weed control system have noticed differences in yields, root mass and overall plant health compared with Herculex Rootworm,” explains Jansen.

Monsanto Company (NYSE: MON) is a leading global provider of technology-based solutions and agricultural products that improve farm productivity and food quality. For more information on YieldGard VT Triple, see www.YieldGardVT.com.