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AGCO Corp. is releasing three new tractor series: the Massey Ferguson 8600 series, Challenger MT600C series and AGCO DT series.

Ranging from 205 PTO hp to 275 PTO hp, each series offers several options, all with AGCO SISU Power 8.4L engine and e3 selective catalytic reduction technology to reduce emissions. Each new series also boasts a continuously variable transmission with power management to optimize operation efficiency. The Massey Ferguson and AGCO models offer Dynamic Tractor Management, while the Challenger offers Power Management.

Aside from the engine, each new series offers the option of an integrated front linkage system with 11,000-lb. three-point lift capacity. A rear linkage system with 22,760-lb. lift capacity is also available.

New cab comforts are available on each tractor, too. Nearly 30% larger than previous models, each cab has a four-post design and offers 67 sq. ft. of glass. The Opti-Ride cab suspension is available on each model, offering a smoother ride. All key functions are available at the operator's fingertip, along with an integrated ISOBUS control system. The models also have adjustable vents for air distribution and temperature control, a larger field cooler, lighting touchpad and cell phone holder.

The Massey Ferguson 8600 offers a wider door and SpeedSteer, which allows adjustment of the steering ratio and selection of the number of wheel turns required for a given amount of front wheel turn.

The AGCO and Challenger offer an adjustable staircase ladder for easy access in and out of the tractor.

For more information on the new models from each entity, visit, or

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