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A look at what ag will be like in 2019 was the objective of a recently released two-year study by the American Farm Bureau Federation. They then developed recommendations to make ag more productive and profitable.

The most important conclusion is that the current structure of farm programs will no longer prevail in 2019.

Other findings:

  • In 2002, 143,000 farming operations produced 75% of the value of all ag output. It took 2 million operations to produce the remaining 25%.

  • Global trade will be a key vehicle for future profitability in ag, but the U.S. is not guaranteed the driver's seat.

  • About 96% of the world's population lives outside U.S. borders. Therefore, ag producers need to look outside our borders to sell food and ag products to continue to grow.

  • Ag marketing goals will shift as farmers learn to produce what they can sell and not to simply sell what they produce.

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