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Bayer CropScience Introduces Seed-Applied Fungicide

Bayer CropScience recently introduced TRILEX AL Seed-Applied Fungicide for soybeans.

TRILEX AL offers a broad spectrum of disease protection, including protecting soybean seeds and seedlings against seedborne fungi that may cause seed decay. It also protects soybeans against Rhizoctonia and Pythium spp., which are soilborne pathogens that cause seed and seedling damping-off.

Bayer says on-farm trials show TRILEX AL-treated seed outyielded untreated acres by as much as 19%.

TRILEX AL is a strobilurin fungicide formulated with metalaxyl. It is a ready-to-use (RTU) formulation making it easy to apply, providing excellent coverage and seed appearance. The application rate is 5.7 fl. oz./100 lbs. of seed. A concentrated formulation, TRILEX FL, also is labeled for use on soybean seeds. For more information on the availability and use of TRILEX AL or TRILEX FL, please contact your local Bayer CropScience sales representative by visiting and clicking on Sales Rep. locator or call 1-866-992-2937.

TRILEX AL and TRILEX FL are not labeled for management of Asian soybean rust
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