Now is the time to be sustainable

Now is the time to be sustainable

These days, more than ever, farmers are being held accountable, and even scrutinized, for their sustainable and conservation efforts. Strip-till, cover crops, water quality, drainage management, soil health and more are at the forefront of the forward-thinking farmers across the U.S.

And more and more farmers are taking these practices to their own farms. They're switching to strip-till, then to no-till. They're concerned about water quality just as much as the people who live in town, if not more. Farmers know that to continue farming, they'll have to take a lot more into consideration.

We put together a collection of our best stories covering these sustainable topics.

Give these and other stories a read over at our Sustainability page and share with us how you're farming sustainably. Tell us what sustainability means to you. We'd love to hear from you! Email me ([email protected]) and share your thoughts.

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